Etsy Coaching with Cassie

Etsy Coaching with Cassie

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A little over two years ago I started an Etsy shop with a very little knowledge or direction in my new venture. Over the last two years I have learned, grown, and improved my shop bringing in over $20,000 in revenue on a part time basis around my job, family, and life. After investing so much time into learning and growing my online business I now love to help other creative entrepreneurs do the same. 

In this age of information overload, it's hard to know where to focus your time and effort to yield the best results. If you feel overwhelmed with the process of starting or running your online store, I would love to help you sort through it all. I've been in your shoes and as a creative entrepreneur myself I know the struggle you face to find clarity and confidence needed to set you up for success. 

Each creative and each shop is completely different, that's why an hour of one on one coaching tailored to your specific questions and needs will provide the exact information an clarity you are looking for! We will sort through your struggles one by one and come up with a strategic action plan to move you forward in your business. Our conversation will be recorded so you can revisit the information as many times as you need. 

If you are searching for clarity, confidence, and practical steps to bring more revenue to your Etsy shop, let's chat!