First Follower Leadership


I shared THIS VIDEO on our Facebook page yesterday talking about the importance of first follower leadership, a concept discussed in THIS TED TALK titled How To Start a Movement. 

I have been interested in this video since the first time I saw it a couple years ago. As business owners I think we often identify as the "lone wolf" in this video. We feel like the crazy guy dancing at a concert with his shirt off as we navigate our way through the journey of entrepreneurship, hoping we attract some first followers to help drive crowds to our business. 

But the other day I was really focused on the importance of the underrated first follower leadership role. We are often so focused on our own goals that we forget the importance of community and supporting others in their own journey. We all need those first follower leaders to drive our movements forward, but what if instead of trying so hard to attract them we decide to BE them. 

Who do you know that is starting a business that you believe in? Who is sharing a message that you totally resonate with? FOLLOW THEM. Be a leader, get behind them and share their story. Lift each other up. You will be surprised how many return the favor and believe in your message as well. 

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