August 2017 Income Report: How We Made $2,813.91 Online

There are a lot of myths out there about business and online business in general. From passive income, to 6 figure months, to random people changing their life around to make millions in just 1 or 2 years.  


Part of our goal with Philip Marie is to inspire and motivate other couples to take risks and live a life of adventure together, but a lot of what is out there right now is a bunch of poopy fluffy shit. We want to be real and share our real imperfect story of how we're building a business online with all of you. We want to create a safe space of authenticity for people to talk about taboo subjects like money and mindsets and we believe the best way to do that is by getting vulnerable and sharing our story with you. 
So, we are going to be sharing our monthly income reports to show you how we're really doing it. We freaking LOVE talking about money, but this actually scares the crap out of us. It's hard sharing your life online for others to see, and even worse to comment on. We hope that these reports will
1. Show you that it's okay to be imperfect 
2. Share some real ways to make money online 
3. Share new things we're learning each month
4. Keep us accountable in our goals 
5. Hopefully inspire another couple that feels uncomfortable in their 9-5 job to start planning and take the leap to start their own online business together. 
This is what we did this month that led to bringing in just over $2,800 in revenue.
Etsy and Shopify Store Sales- $2,613.91
We are really excited about this number because its over $1,100 higher than our sales from last month. Having PJ home full time has completely changed our business and our hard work is beginning to show!
We did some fun things this month that ultimately led to much higher sales in both our store fronts. 
We launched our independent store on Shopify and we're so excited to have another platform to grow our boutique and make a higher income. 
One thing we did, and we will absolutely be doing it again, is live hand lettering on our Facebook page. We will probably tweak that a little bit this month but we had a lot of fun going live and talking to some amazing people while lettering prints for them that they absolutely loved. 
I also discovered some Facebook groups for Etsy and our independent store that allow advertisements and that led to several more sales this month. 
I feel like I'm really late to the game on this one, but I also discovered Etsy Rank. I've been slowly auditing all our listings to make sure all our titles, tags, and descriptions are optimized for SEO. SEO plays such a huge roll on Etsy and making sure your titles and tags are on point makes a HUGE difference. 
Side note: running sales for either store online and in Facebook groups has not worked for us at all. I don't if I'm just not doing it right, but it just hasn't worked. Every single time we hear crickets. 
What has worked for us is just sharing our items and sharing our journey together in a very organic way and actually not even asking for the sale! I know shocker, but we have received more engagement and sales but putting our products out there and only sharing a link to purchase when we are asked. Each and every time someone has asked for a link and it has led to traffic and sales. 
We will continue to do a lot of this next month.
Freelance Marketing Work- $200
Cassie continues to freelance for her old employer, helping them with marketing, social media management, and website management. Because of her work building our businesses online she has learned some amazing skills that are really valuable to use in freelancing. It's nice to know that there is something to fall back on if we somehow completely run these businesses into the ground. hah! 
We are spending a lot more time on Blush and Philip Marie so Cassie is unable to do as much freelancing as she used to, but this continues to be a great little extra boost to us for each month. 
Freelancing is a great way to earn extra money or supplement your income while starting an online business. You can often use the same skills you learn while building your own website and branding to help others do the same.
Income goals for September
We are so thankful for our major growth from July to August, we think we can exceed that growth in September, especially with the Holidays approaching quickly. Our goal may be audacious but we believe we can achieve it.
We have also just launched our 6 week group program to help teach you how to start your own online shop with your significant other and set you up with a plan to leave your 9-5 and consistently see numbers like these. We have 15 spaces available and we are using some affiliate marketing to help spread the word so we have included our goals for that in these numbers as well. If you would like more information about our course you can visit our VIP Facebook group Venture Out: Freedom from the 9-5 or check out our enrollment page here
Blush Revenue- $3,500
Freelancing- $300
Philip Marie Coaching Programs- $6,955
Total income goals for September- $10,755
Let us know what you think about our first income report! Is there anything we left out? Any specific information you would like to know? Let us know in the comments or feel free to reach out to us on social media! We love new friends! 


  • Good for you!! It’s definitely scary, but you are doing a great job and love your goal setting! xo

  • So helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hey you all! That was a great read. So good hearing about your success. I’m writing because I stumbled into running an online Etsy store with this Home Hat idea I’m running with. I’ve seen moderate success with it, but I’m also running the cleaning/power washing business and having trouble keeping up with the demands of online marketing, seo, etc an online store requires. I would love to hear your thoughts on the best way I could maximize the limited time I have to get My Home Hats out there.

    Much love from Wilmington,



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