The Fearlessly Free Podcast is Here!!

Wow, we really can't believe it. Our Podcast has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!!!!!!! We are so excited that we can finally share these amazing conversations with you. We have thought about starting a podcast for a long time and we have worked hard over the last couple months to make our dream a reality. 

Our first conversation is with our good friends Ryan and Kathryn Brown from the blog Unending Wonder.

Ryan is moved by geography. His passion is living a life of adventure and being globally aware of culture and landscapes. He currently makes maps for a living. His biggest inspiration is to be an available person and to him that looks like being location independent.

Kathryn lives a life of internal adventure. She strives to dive deep into the subject of faith and to relentlessly pursue how we were truly intended to live. She is a person of passion, embodied by her tireless pursuit of living a life of physical and spiritual wellness.

Together they make a fun, quirky, open minded couple who love to explore and share their adventures and pursuits. They are two ordinary humans trying to break the status quo of the work grind and what it means to be “successful”. They currently are on a very specific plan to backpack around the world, while remaining sustained financially through remote work.

We talked about how they met and fell in love on a mission trip where they were supposed to travel the whole world for 11 months, but soon realized that God had different plans for them. We also talked about their dreams for the future, being location independent, and their plans to make their dream a reality. This episode is full of tips for making the decision to follow your dreams and JUST GET STARTED. We are really proud of this episode and love how it turned out, and we hope you do too! 

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